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First time on this site. Not too sure how this works. But we need a lil help with prayers

lovemyfamily3 started this conversation
First time on this site. Not too sure how this works. But we need a lil help with prayers for our family. We are going through a very difficult time with our very limited financial situation. My husband is an injured Marine veteran and can't work. We have an 8month old daughter whom I take care of. Im taking care of both my husband & daughter, so I can't work. We save as much as we can to get through the week & still cant make ends meat, only with my husbands edd (unemployment insurance). He has a healthcare appointment at a Livermore VA clinic tomorrow morni.g and we had to borrow $ just to get there & back home (2hr drive). Thank you for hearing me out lol and for your prayers. Really means a lot! Goonight & God bless you all xoxo
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First I would like to say thank you for the sacrafices your husband and you made for our country. My husband was in the Army for 12 years, 3 in Iraq. He is on permanent disability and receives a check monthly. He also was able to get a job at Lawrence Livermore Lab after 2 years of doing security for Kaiser. It was tough for us when he first got out, about 3 years ago. He couldn't find work at all and was so discouraged. I think its terrible our vets give so much ( and the families) and have such a hard time getting services when they return. I hope your healthcare appt. tmw at VA is for his diability. It took us a while to get ours, but once we did , we got back pay as well so it was a nice check. At least I know for the rest of his life, we have guarenteed income. Do you have a support system? Is your family helping you or do you have a church home? There are a few places that may be able to help you, I will include the links. I also would love to support and help a fellow military family. I go to a great church in Modesto, Shelter Cove..and I live in Manteca.There are alot of grateful people at our church and in our community, including myself... If you ever want to talk or just need a shoulder to cry on, drop me a line ok? My name is Char..take care and I will pray for you guys...


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